HypnoxTM  (www.hypnox.ca) is a 25-minute hypnotherapeutic audio recording developed as a natural alternative to Botox. Where Botox uses injections to paralyze the facial muscles (making it nearly impossible to frown) Hypnox targets and re-trains those same muscles. The process stops frowning, and allows wrinkles to fade away, permanently.

Absentminded frowning or furrowing of the face (while working or concentrating) WILL cause the skin to begin to wrinkle. The more persistent and habitual the frown, the more aggressively the wrinkles will take hold.

Guided by the voice of a trained therapist, Hypnox enables a form of focused concentration with a proven capacity to fight unwanted habits. Hypnotherapy has been used successfully by millions of people to quit smoking, and to curb over-eating. Think of persistent frowning as a habit. Now, prepare to break that habit.

Hypnox offers an alternative : your unique face; healthy, relaxed – and free of unnecessary lines and wrinkles.

That is true beauty.